Last Minute Estate Sales

Sold a house and need it emptied asap?

There are times an owner needs a house cleaned out asap and doesn't have much time to do a typical estate sale. This is especially true in the hot real estate market we've had the last few years. A home sells faster than expected and the owners need it cleared out yesterday. With our knowledge of inventory and amazing team, we are able to take on a sale with as little as two days notice! 

How it works:

These sales will not look like a typical estate sale where everything has been gone through, set up, staged and priced. We do make a run through of your home, to ensure there are no valuable, personal items or firearms that shouldn't be in the sale. We may price a small amount of the inventory. For the most part, it will be a "picker" sale where our buyers come and dig through to find their treasures. Then we price it on the spot. We have a good knowledge of what things should go for, so we're able to provide this service. It is a good way to help clear out a home. Our goal is to clean out 60%-80% of the home's contents to help make the final details easier on you and give you some money in your pocket to handle unexpected expenses of the estate. 

Get started:

We just need two days notice to do a review and advertise the sale. We ask that everything the family is keeping is removed by the time my team comes in to review. We will handle the rest, including the sale day. No need for you to be part of it.