Estate Sale Services

Your full service estate liquidation company


First Steps

When we first talk with you, we will discuss your timeframe, what you have to sell and answer your questions. After reviewing the details of the home, we will set a no obligation appointment with you to meet in person for a walk-through. 

Our company is commission based with no minimums or up front or hidden fees. Give us a call to find out more. 916-917-7078

Pro tip: Identifying or removing items the family is keeping, before having a professional walk through will help give us a better idea of time it will to set up the sale.

What's included in our estate services

We provide a complimentary consultation. Once you hire us, we will ask for a signed contract and a copy of the house key. Once everyone is moved out of the home and the family has taken the heirlooms they want to keep, we can get started. We will thoroughly go through all boxes, closets and cupboards. If we find personal items, such as paperwork, coins, jewelry or other items that may have been missed, we will set them aside and let you know. If you wish to include any of these in the sale, we are happy to oblige. We bring in tables to display items and use professional tablecloth covers. We will also utilize furniture and other spaces for staging items. If items are excessively dusty, we will clean them. We use fair market value when pricing. We have several employees during the sale days to assist customers and answer questions. If you want a final clean out completed, we will oversee that. After the sale, we provide a sale receipt along with your portion of the proceeds. Our goal is to make this process as easy and hands off for you as possible. 

Pro tip: You have many options for estate liquidators in the Sacramento Valley. When choosing a company to work with, we recommend interviewing several. Then choose the one you feel most comfortable with. 


After the Estate Sale

Our goal is to sell a home's contents in a short amount of time, for the most possible value. This not only helps to ease the burden of cleaning out the home, but provides some extra funds for the estate to finalize expenses prior to selling the home. After the estate sale, you will receive your funds within 3 business days of the sale along with a receipt for accounting purposes. If there are items we've decided to put to auction, we will work on those items at this time and keep you updated as those sell. 

No matter how hard we work, there are always some left over items. We work with several entities to help clean out at the end and minimize clean out costs.  We can also recommend several clean out companies. We are happy to facilitate and oversee the final clean out, as part of our services. This means once you hand over the keys to us, you don't have to worry until the sale is complete and the home is 100% empty and ready to put on the market. 

Fact: Did you know, hiring a reputable estate sale company will help you sell more and get more for your items, compared to doing a sale yourself?