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Do you want a well-known company with thousands of followers to hold your sale?

Your full service estate liquidation company


Overwhelmed? Start here

Are you unsure where to start or if you need an estate sale professional? Follow our flowchart to help you decide and give us a call with further questions. 

What's included in our estate services

We provide a complimentary consultation. Once you hire us, we will ask for a signed contract.  We will thoroughly go through all boxes, closets and cupboards. If we find personal items, such as paperwork, coins, jewelry or other items that may have been missed, we will set them aside and let you know. If you wish to include any of these in the sale, we are happy to oblige. We bring in tables to display items and use professional tablecloth covers. If items are excessively dusty, we will clean them. We use fair market value when pricing. We have an experienced team for set up and sale days, as well as security patrolling . If you want a final clean out completed, we will oversee that. After the sale, we provide a sale receipt along with your portion of the proceeds. Our goal is to make this process as easy and hands off for you as possible. 


After the Estate Sale

Our goal is to sell a home's contents in a short amount of time, for the most possible value. This not only helps to ease the burden of cleaning out the home, but provides some extra funds for the estate to finalize expenses prior to selling the home. After the estate sale, you will receive your funds within 3 business days of the sale along with a receipt for accounting purposes.

Fact: Did you know, hiring a reputable estate sale company will help you sell more and get more for your items, compared to doing a sale yourself? 

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