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How much does a liquidation cost?

There is no out of pocket expense to you. We offer a free consultation. Then we provide all the research, pricing, staging, advertising and labor for the sale. Once sale in finalized, you will receive your portion of the proceeds.

Will the house be totally clean?

When an in person sale is held, we aim to sell 60-80% of the items. No matter how hard we work, there will always be some unsold items. We do have options for the leftovers, if needed. For an extra cost, we can supervise a haul away or donation pickup. We can also leave remaining items for the family to go through one last time, before disposal.

What kind of services do you offer?

Our goal is to sell as much as possible, which means pricing correctly. Too high a price means fewer items sell and pricing too low means less value for the estate. This also means we will utilize outside sources, such as auctions, to ensure we get the right value for your items that may be higher end.

Do you take estate leftovers to sell yourself?

Unfortunately, there are companies out there that will price things so high that the valuable stuff won't sell. At the end of the sale, they take it to sell themselves and keep the 100% of the profit. We feel that is very dishonest and unfair to our clients. It takes a lot of trust to hire an estate company. We want you to know we are here for you. We price things fairly, so that we have the best opportunity to sell as much as possible at your estate sale, which means more profit for all of us. If there are high end items that don't sell during the sale, we have some options to liquidate them and still get you the funds.

How involved do I need to be?

Once we start working on the estate, we prefer you to have all heirlooms tagged or removed. We will do a walk through with you to ensure we don't sell anything you're keeping. Once we start working on the estate, we want you to be able to be hands off and let us handle the rest. We will update you with progress and if we have a question or find an heirloom you were looking for. However, we don't need you to be there when we work or on the sale days.